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Educational Development Solutions Group (EDSG) is an international consulting firm specializing in business operations consulting, providing integrated, knowledge-driven solutions in procurement & contractual compliance, accounting & financial management, organizational capacity building & workforce development.

EDSG services and products help clients to reduce operational risks. To achieve the best results we use off-the-shelf and customized IT solutions and products, industry best practices and specialized trainings.


Business operations

EDSG helps clients to expand and grow their business, to open new locations and sites of operations, assuring cost-efficiency, timeliness, internal and external compliance and, ultimately, increased profitability and impact.

Scalable services and products in financial, accounting, contractual and compliance management include:

  • budgeting
  • financial and contractual set-up
  • project accounting support
  • contract and subcontract management support
  • risk mitigation (financial, contractual & operational)
  • project closeout (financial & contractual)
  • business intelligence and forecasting
  • audit and compliance (accounting, financial & contractual)
  • specialized trainings (real-time and online courses, seminars, workshops)

Workforce development

EDSG develops and delivers real-time online educational and training products in:

  • accounting and financial management
  • contractual management
  • government and sector-specific procurement rules and regulations
  • contractual and financial risk management


Our clients are private and public organizations. EDSG products and services allow our clients to improve their competitiveness and lead to:

  • streamlined business and project administration capabilities
  • efficient and effective project/site operations
  • robust compliance capabilities
  • effective and efficient workforce development environment
  • overall minimization of operational risks


Our expertise encompasses projects in energy, healthcare, education & workforce development and economic growth. EDSG has significant expertise in establishing project site operations for companies in compliance with local procurement, labor and tax statutes and regulations. Our team includes CPA’s, Chartered Accountants, attorneys, contract administrators, economists, engineers, project finance professionals, IT professionals, public policy experts, educators and business trainers.


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